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Puggle Adventure Time - German Mardi Gras!

Well. Last Satuday was just a hoot, wasn't it, boys?

Locky: *holding his head* Right. All those girl in short skirts -- how could I not have fun?
Warpy: I got to hang out with a lot of cool people! :D
Wildrider: Ugh, I can't .... my head. Too much high grade. @_____<

Warpy: Right. well, we had a little too much fun here and there and those two seem to be suffering from a hangover (Wildrider more than Locky), so I get to report what happened during this little escapade!
Wildrider: I am going to kick you so hard if you don't keep it down.

Warpy: *is being loud to be a jerk* Mi wasn't sure if she was gonna take
us at first, so she asked Twitter. After CallyKariShokka and TFG1Mike
(Wildrider's true human companion) replied with "PUGGLE ADVENTURE?!" she
had to bring us along in her purse.
Locky: I love that purse.

Wildrider: Urp-!
Warpy: Well, the trip was largely uneventful, other than it was long (3 1/2 hours!). Mi's traveling companion for the day (an awesome lady named Roo) made the trip very fun. They laughed and sang to music all the way up!

Locky: I saw a really cool car. Viper. You don't see many of those running around .... Really glad it wasn't raining this day too.
Warpy: No kidding. I like rain, but it's no fun to fly around in. This big, fat fluffy clouds are way more fun!

Wildrider: I have to admit, ugh. The drive was nice. The I-5 North is fairly .... Sceneric.
Locky: You mean "scenic," you hungover bastard.

Wildrider: I did find mechanical boobies, though.
Warpy: *deadpan* That's called a "power plant," Wildrider. Humans use it to power their cities.
Wildrider: No. It's called "California Boobies." *matter-of-factly*
Warpy: Rrrrright ....

Wildrider: Sacramento, huh. Driving all the way from San Diego to Ventura, we go through a lot of cities. We never saw Sacramento, though. That one is much father North.
Warpy: I've actually heard it's a cool city. Maybe one day BotCon will be there. That would be cool!

Warpy: We did a lot of driving, but eventually we had to stop somewhere, as the humans were hungry! They decided on Burger King, which was very nummy. I loved their curly fries!
Locky: The burger was pretty good. Well, technically, it was a chicken sandwich.
Wildrider: Oh, please don't mention food. I'm gonna purge. :x

Warpy: I like your new hat, Wildrider! So fetching!!
Wildrider: Well ... I wanted to feel what it felt like to be a cowboy, especially since our human host lives in cowboy territory.
Locky: *snorts in laughter*

Warpy: After we all ot a chance to relax and stretch our legs a little, we dove some more. This road trip just goes on and on!
Locky: I, personally, spent a lot of time in Mi's purse. I really like it in there. it's cozy .... Unless she has the toy of me in there. Then we end up fighting for maximum bubble space. >____>

Locky: Finally we arrived. Sometimes I wish I had wheels like my toy-self so I can drive myself places instead of relying on our human companion.

Wildrider: Hey, I remember that. I liked this fountain.
Skywarp: I wanted to push you in it.
Wildrider: >:T

Warpy: We found this REALLY BIG TREE. It took foever for me to fly to the top of it!
Locky: *chuckles* That was pretty big.
Wildrider: Mi has her friend Roo go stand under the tree to show how big it was. She's not very tall, but that tree certainly had her beat.

Wildrider: Oh, I remember that sign ...
Warpy: At this point, our guest here *pats Wildrider* had asked us what exactly that sign meant by "Beer." I dunno if he'd been introduced to it before, but he loved it!
Locky: Well, he couldn't help it. He's only been alive, what ..... A week?
Wikdrider: >____> You two are terrible hosts.

Locky: Oh, come on. We all got home in one piece, thanks to Warpy, right?
Warpy: Wait, man, don't jump ahead of the story! That comes much later!

Locky: Little did our wondrous human companions know, this is where we actually started hitting the high grade.
Wildrider: .... Really? *can't remember*
Locky: That's the alcohol cllouding your memory. Yes.

Locky: Didn't you fall off this gate a couple times?
Wildrider: Maybe. You fed me booze. What am I supposed to do?
Warpy: Mi really liked the look of this gate in front of what we assumed was a house. So, we climbed up on it and posed!

Warpy: *gigglesnorts* "Holy Ass."
Locky: You are so immature. In case you can't tell, Warpy took this picture. He burst out laughing when he read it as we were walking down the street.
Warpy: Oh, come on, you laughed too!!

Warpy: This was another part of that awesome fountain I wanted to push Wildrider in. The water ran from one fountain, down this path imbedded in the walkway, and to another fountain. Really cool!

Locky: Looks like our riding companion Roo wanted a sip. I don't really blame her; Melot is a fantastic wine.
Wildrider: o_____O How did I get in that glass?!
Warpy: Mmmh, Wildrider, you DO look tasty! *slips*
Wildrider: D:< Do that again, and I'm chopping off your glossa!
Warpy: Well, sheesh, Mr. Grumpy!

Wildrider: *clutches at head again* Oooowowowow. Fraggin' High Grade!

Warpy: Wheee, I'm hitchin' a ride! :D It's so fluffy and soft up here!

Warpy: Dinner came next and then -- MORE BOOZE.
Wildrider: If I go back home to Mike as an alcoholic, I fully blame you two.
Locky: I think we can gladly accept that blame.

Wildrider: Wow, lots of pictures of -- I don't remember that saxophone one.
Locky: You were gone by that point, Wildrider. That High Grade did a number on your systems.
Warpy: We were ALL trashed by that point, guys. It was onw Hell of an evening! I liked Lucy. I hope we get to see her more.
Locky: The rabbit, right?
Warpy: Yeah.

Wildrider: I hated that lady. She insulted me.
Locky: She didn't insult you. She said she liked me the most, and you the least. That's not an insult.
Warpy: Didn't she say she liked us ALL, but had her favorites?
Wildrider: Wait. I thought it was rude to pick favorites.
Locky: That only applies to children. Since we are not, it doesn't matter.
Wildrider: That's it. I hate you.

Warpy: After a quick ride home (we won't go into the details -- the humans in the car were not happy in the ride home!), we relaxed and slept. Didn't get home until around 4am, though. Sheesh!
Locky: It was a fun trip, I'll tell you that.
Wildrider: Would have been more fun for me if I didn't drink so much. o__<
Locky: You enjoyed youraelf while you were drunk too. You were up that girl's skirt, for goodness sake!
Wildrider: Yeah, I wish I could remember that. That would be nice!!


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