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Breakdown's Day Out!
Breakdown Smirk
Percent Complete: 100%
Total Cost: $341.55 + .09/tax = $372.29
Total Panel/Piece Count: 526
Start Date: January 3, 2012
Completion Date: April 8, 2012

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After completing this costume and before shipping him off to BotCon, I wanted to get a few photos out of the way on my own as well as multitask my very first day-long wear test. Grab a snack, there's a lot of fun stuff in here!

Our first stop for the day was to hit up the IDW offices! I was dropping off a friend of mine for work that day and decided to don the costume just to show off for people for a while. We spent about an hour or so here and had a lot of fun doing so.

When my friend backed me up to take pictures next to this thing, I actually thought that it was a soda machine (Coca cola, to be exact). I can't see things too clearly out of the optics and had no clue it was a 3A giant robot until I took the helmet off so I could breathe.

I just freakin' adore how shiny this rig is out in the sunlight. :D JKDLFGSOAODKFWSV this was such a good purchase. <3

After snappin' up my pictures from IDW, I quickly hi-tailed it out to Seaport Village!
(actually, first I hit my work, but those images are less-than-par, so they won't be posted here.)

Did I mention how GORGEOUS this is in the sunlight? :D

Pirate -- YARR HARR. (I decided to forego the eyepatch for this photoshoot, and I'm kind of sad about that)

Breakdown got the chance to take part in a wedding procession. :D

Oh, this isn't energon .... Looks tasty, though!

He looks like he's suddenly in Japan or something. xD

Breakdown really kinda likes kids. Handshake on the bridge~

This kid was rather cute. He talked to me for a bit about my rig and asked me if I could transform. When I shook my head "no," he walked away a bit dejected.

My photographer said that this was "Airachnid lying in wait." I thought "Ahaha, you're vile."

That's about it, though! Thanks for looking, be sure to check the links above, and keep eyes on me for my next costumed project! :D

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what is the suit made from ?

it looks like cardbord and cloth

Edited at 2012-04-14 01:20 am (UTC)

Re: what is the suit made from ?

Foam core, craft foam, Spandex, and a metric shitton of hot glue. c:

What a fabulous collection of pictures. Looks like you had a great time. I'm still amazed over this costume it is just perfect and you're right it looks amazing in the sun!

:D Thank you very much~ I didn't realize it shone to gorgeous in the sun until yesterday.

Looks like a fun time.

Thank you for sharing the pictures

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